Why 2020 is going to be
the year of the plant-based diet

Food trends follow each other year after year. In 2018 we all started to eat granola and we fell in love with food-sharing. After that, 2019 became the year of eating more sustainably and locally. Is 2020 going to be year that plant-based food will find its way to the heart and dining table of the average household? It will be, if Greenway has any say in it.

From the health food store to the supermarket
Where in the past vegetarian and vegan food was labelled as alternative, the number of families that include plant-based foods on their menu is continually increasing. A veggie kebab or 100% plant-based burger no longer deters many people; on the contrary. And the cause of this booming food trend?? A kind of renewed awareness about food, nutritional value and the industry that supplies our supermarkets.

In the past few years, many myths about food have been disproved. In the film documentary The Game Changers (2019), for example, it was emphasized again that top athletes – and professional couch potatoes – do not need to eat meat, as contrary to what they used to claim. It is now known that it is more important to have a balanced diet. And that does not necessarily include meat. Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, Novak Djokovic or Lewis Hamilton, three very well-known and athletic vegans. The time of ‘real men eat meat’ seems to have passed and chickpeas, red beets and high-fibre vegetables have made their entrance.

The story behind the plate
In addition to awareness about nutrition, the younger generations in particular – starters and young families – are interested in knowing where their food comes from. The realisation that animals also feel is enough of a reason for many people to switch to a plant-based diet. Add to this the impact of the meat industry on Mother Earth during these times of climate marches and it is not surprising that a plant-based diet will gather a great many extra followers this year as well as in the coming years.

Yes way, Greenway!
Right from its beginning, about 23 years ago, Greenway entered the market as a vegetarian and vegan pioneer. By continually looking for the ultimate combination of optimum nutrition and surprising flavours, Greenway is meeting the expectations of today’s consumer. In addition, Greenway also invariably opted for ecological and sustainable production in their own country. That way, they are able to minimise transport and CO² emissions to an absolute minimum. Delicious and healthy feel good food? Green is the way to go!

5 tips to make the switch to plant-based foods

  1. Give yourself time Most people don’t become vegan from one day to the next. It is a process that is easier for some than it is for others. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?
  2. Don’t make it too difficult By all means, believe that you can make the best falafel all by yourself, but to make the transition smoother, it’s totally okay to buy the Greenway falafel from the store.
  3. Don’t be too strict Accidentally put some honey in the tea of bought a cake with egg in it? Just enjoy it or give to someone else. It’s a waste to throw it away.
  4. Taste everything Plant-based food is definitely on the rise, so there is a lot to discover in most supermarkets. You may not like everything, but don’t let that stop you from having a taste...
  5. Involve the whole family Are meatballs in tomato sauce one of your son’s or daughter’s favourite foods? Make it plant-based! They’ll love it!

Greenway Burger wins Belgian Vegan Awards
The fact that the plant-based burger was named the Product of the Year by De Standaard already proved that 2019 was the year of plant-based burgers. On top of that, the Greenway Burger was picked as the best product at the Belgian Vegan Awards!

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