Frequently Asked Questions

The products of Greenway’s plant-based family have reached new heights since their launch and so we have been getting a lot of questions about these tasty products. We listened carefully to all of you during the tastings and on the summer festivals. You can find the most frequently asked questions on this page. With the answers, of course!

How are the products of the Greenway plant-based family made?

The basis consists of pea proteins, fried onions, plant fibres, coconut oil, rapeseed and sunflower oil and various herbs.

Are all products of the plant-based family 100% vegan?

100% plant-based and so 100% vegan! All ingredients are of plant origin.

How do the products acquire their meaty taste?

With the right combination of vegetable fats and pea proteins. And a little bit of magic as well.

Are there gluten or soy in products?

The plant-based family does not contain gluten or soy, but since the products are produced in a factory that also processes gluten, the packaging does not have a gluten-free label.

Is Greenway’s plant-based family organic?

No, the products are not organic.

How many calories do the products have?

The Greenway Burger has 185 calories per 100 g.
The Greenway Chipolata has 222 calories per 100g.
The Greenway Minced Meat has 229 calories per 100g.
The Greenway Brochette has 258 calories per 100g.
The Greenway Merguez has 227 calories per 100g.

Do the products contain bugs?

No, not at all, the products are 100% made from plant-based ingredients.

How long do you need to cook the products?

Cook the Greenway Burger for about 1,5 to 2 minutes on each side over medium-high heat. Cook the Greenway Chipolata in a frying pan with some oil on each side until the skin is golden-brown, usually about 4 minutes over medium-high heat. Cook the Greenway Minced Meat in a frying pan with some oil for about 4 minutes over medium-high heat until the Minced Meat is nicely browned. Cook the Greenway Merguez and the Greenay Brochette 1,5 to 2 minutes on each side on a grill or on the barbecue.

How long can you store the products?

The products are prepared fresh every day. The expiration date is always shown on the packaging.

Can you freeze the products?

The products are freshly produced and delivered daily, therefore suitable to freeze. Frozen (-18 °C) products will maintain in best quality for 365 days.

How is the packaging of the Greenway Chipolata and the Greenway Merguez made?

Contrary to its meat variant, the casing of the Greenway Chipolata and the Greenway Merguez is 100% plant-based and doesn’t contain any animal products. The casing is in fact very innovative and is made out of seaweed.

What is methylcellulose and what is it used for?

Methylcellulose is made from cellulose, an important substance for plants. This fibre makes sure that plants and trees stand firmly and remain upright, but it also preserves the texture of our products. Although we’d rather talk of ‘plant-based fibre’ or ‘the better alternative’ at Greenway, we are constrained by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and are therefore directed to call it E461.

Despite negative reports, research shows that the use of methylcellulose in food – to substitute, among other things, chicken protein – is not harmful. An upper limit has not been established for the consumption of methylcellulose, which means that even large quantities are not damaging for your health. At worst, overcompensation might lead to gastrointestinal symptoms. So, no reason to get worried.

Who is Greenway?

Greenway is a Belgian company that was founded 23 years ago by Paul Florizoone, a true pioneer in the field of vegetarian and vegan products. In the year 1996, Paul started his first Greenway restaurant in the centre of Ghent. Even today, all activities are run from this place.

Greenway’s mission is to persuade meat lovers by producing tasty veggie and vegan alternatives for meat. By convincing meat lovers of the alternatives, they can reduce their impact on the environment and promote animal welfare. Transparency and honesty are always at the heart of Greenway’s approach.