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The future is plant-based...

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Plant-based food has conquered the hearts and minds of many. That’s hardly news. Veganism is becoming more common and has left the alternative bio-shops to find its way to trendy bars, exquisite restaurants and festival food trucks.

Foodies and even self-declared meat-lovers are now often looking for plant-based alternatives. Just for curiousity’s sake, or because they like culinary explorations. Some want to do their part for mother nature, eat more sustainably and locally, or they are concerned about animal welfare. Whatever the reason… Greenway’s got your back!

Greenway’s plant-based family: find your fancy!

After months of experiments in the Greenway kitchen, we developed the Greenway Burger. Now we’re expanding. So meet the new members of the family: Plant-based minced meat and plant-based chipolata. 0% meat, 100% taste!

PS. These Greenway products are soy and wheat free, and were enriched with vitamin B12 and iron.

100% carbon-neutral. Count it!

Yay, plant-based is the way! Greenway is launching plant-based meat rolls

Greenway is launching the first plant-based meat roll in the Delhaize shops. This classic dish is at least as delicious as the version with meat and is prepared fresh every day with Greenway Minced Meat (based on pea proteins) and delicious vegan cheese.

  • 100% plant-based
  • Produced without soy

Enriched with vitamine B12 en iron

Greenway Minced Meat:
the most versatile, plant-based all-rounder

Stuffed zucchini’s, a delicious pasta sauce or meatballs… Everything’s possible, everything’s plant-based, with no compromises to taste. Greenway’s minced meat is tender, juicy and meat-free. Thanks to its rich texture and even richer taste, Greenway’s Minced Meat is incredibly similar to actual minced meat.

Greenway Chipolata: a Flemish classic with a plant-based twist

If you’re familiar with Greenway, you know we love our Flemish classics. A sausage with apple sauce, mashed potatoes with hotdogs and caramelised onions… We can’t get enough of them. As long as it’s plant-based, of course. That’s why the Greenway chefs came up with this mouth-watering chipolata sausage!

Greenway burger: already an all-time favourite

A burger that tastes, smells and looks like an actual burger, but without animal products or meat. It’s a delicious thumbs-up to the environment and a new standard in kitchens everywhere. So good on a bun, in a warm salad or even in a taco!

DID YOU KNOW? The Greenway Burger is about 94% more climate-friendly than a beef burger , thanks to the selected ingredients that are produced locally. The remaining environmental impact is compensated by Greenway indirectly by investing in sustainability initiatives in developing countries. That makes our burger, and the entire plant-based family 100% carbon2-neutral! I want to know more...

Greenway launches its gourmet assortment

This autumn, Greenway launches an extensive gourmet assortment at Delhaize with a mix of vegetable balls, mini burgers and a plant-based gourmet with burgers, vegetable balls and chipolatas in mini format. The products are freshly made, carbon neutral, soy- and wheat-free (except the mini burgers) and enriched with vitamin B12 and iron.

In addition, Greenway is also releasing a flex package in co-branding with Delhaize. This Duo Gourmet not only contains plant-based cauliflower-curry balls and mini burgers from Greenway, but also chicken fillets and chicken sausages from Delhaize. An ideal combo for flexitarians and climate-conscious meat lovers.

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!
You can now find your favorite, the Greenway Burger, in the frozen food aisle.
The legendary Greenway Burger has found its way to the frozen food aisle. Get it while it’s cold! Every package contains five burgers.
• 100% plant-based
• Produced without soy or wheat
• Enriched with vitamin B12 and iron
• Will last up to 365 days at a temperature of -18 °C

But if it isn’t meat, what is it?

Coconut oil
Herbs & spices
Plant fibres and protein
Methyl cellulose
Van plant tot burger
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Hey good looking, what’s cooking?

Not a recipe for disaster, just delicious recipes with Greenway’s plant-based family.

Texas BBQ burger

Greenway Classic burger

Bangkok beasty burger

Tel Aviv style burger

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